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Bid Writing, Funds and Grants

Fundraising and Bid Writing - in the last 5 years we have helped organisations in Bristol and the surrounding areas secure over £500k of funding.  If you are missing out on funds or are unable to tender because of a lack of time or experienced staff then come to us.

Why choose a fundraising consultant from The New Penny?

We operate on a fixed fee per funding application so you know what we cost from the start.  Unfortunately we can not operate on a for free basis but if you are willing to refer other organisations to us we can offer you a discount package.

One of our experienced consultants can help in the following situations:

  • when you feel it is time for a total review of your fundraising effort
  • when you are preparing for a renewed revenue fundraising campaign
  • when you are contemplating a campaign to raise capital funds for a
  • new facility or project
  • when you are thinking of establishing an endowment fund
  • when any particular aspect of your fundraising (e.g. legacy, major donors, membership) needs an independent view
  • when you need to find new donors to support your cause


A consultant from The New Penny can help in almost every situation you may find yourself in. Consultants can offer:

  • experience of and expertise in a particular area
  • objective view
  • flexibility - in time given to project and in services offered
  • build skills in organisation - by "handholding" charity staff and working alongside them as they gain experience and confidence
  • achievement of specialised jobs more economically than the charity
  • savings in staff costs - buy in consultancy for specialised tasks or needs, without adding extra overheads
  • guidance, mentoring, coaching or a sounding board

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