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Business Planning

Our approach is based on securing the evidence to identify and define the outcomes of the business plan and allowing sufficient time to develop an effective plan.  The approach taken incorporates the following stages:-

 1) Assessing the situation – this looks at identifying your current strengths, and weaknesses and ability to learn.  This usually requires a combination of desk top review and stakeholder discussions.

2) Developing a mission – This is not just about fancy management speak but about defining what you want to achieve.  This is the most valuable stage of our dynamic planning process since it can change or reconfirm the direction of your business.  This needs to be developed with senior management and usually takes the form of a facilitated workshop.

3) Set the Goals – We use the results of desk research into trading conditions, stakeholder feedback and information from the management workshop to determine what needs to be achieved to ensure the business plan can be used for your organisational development.

4) Setting employee objectives – We develop a thorough understanding of your business, its employees, volunteers and stakeholders and use this information to set objectives within the plan.  We believe that business plans should be ‘doing’ documents and this work will set out the tasks for individuals to help the business achieve its goals and deliver against its mission.

From our experience working with a variey of organsiation types business planning invariably highlights the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships.  At The New Penny we have helped organisations develop these partnerships to share resources and improve status when raising funds.  Managing the equitability of such relationships is a key issue and this will be identified within the SWOT Analysis provided as part of the business plan.